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Event Security

A Multi-faceted Security Service

BRP has partnered with Andras I.S.A. (P.P.O. # 14993) to bring you a multi-faceted security service. A provider of Crowd Management Services, with more than 30 years of exemplary service to our clientele. We provide all of the protective and safety measures necessary for your event. Our elite team of professionals will surpass your expectations in Event Security.

Security Guard

Services We Offer

Customer Service Is Key

Security Consultation

We Do It Right

We begin by working with you to define your goals, then map out a clear plan to achieve them in a given timeline. We analyze your venue's vulnerabilities starting with the perimeters and work our way to the interior by creating maps of the venue. We then proceed with a physical walk through for a view from an attendees perspective. We report our findings and collectively decide on the best approach to fulfill your needs.

Access Control

Results You’ll Love

Verifies the validity of credential utilizing a “Grasp and Confirm” technique at checkpoints. 
Ensures only authorized personnel access restricted areas.

Event Security

Let Us Handle Everything

We provide guest security screening at all entry points. Venue roamers, stage and barricade security, and other front and back-of-house security.
We'll handle everything.


Patrons Handled With Kid Gloves

Escort your guests to their seats & suites. 
We assist in resolving all seat / ticket discrepancies.
Safely direct guests to the nearest exits in the event of an evacuation.
Your patrons are handled with kid gloves.

Crowd Management

Results You’ll Love

Provide queue line management, crowd flow control, event egress organization and other crowd management services.

Guest Services

Let Us Handle Everything

Provide concierge, information desk, elevator / escalator staff, club / VIP suite attendants and other guest services per request.

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