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Big Concert

The Vision

BackRhoades Productions, founded by Kevin Rhoades in 1996, specializes in concert and event promotions.

Rhoades, a musician himself, recognized the frustrations that artists faced when dealing with club owners and the "pay to play" era. In response, he embarked on a mission to identify struggling venues and to negotiate with small performing arts theaters to book their dormant, dark nights. He ingeniously forged and booked his own musical ensemble. Leveraging his expertise, he enlisted additional bands as opening acts and instituted a business model that ensured not only the ascension of the partnering establishments, but a more equitable distribution of profits for the performers.

The Rhoades vision is to show love and respect for the performers' crafts without peripheral interruptions 

by creating an interactive community through an intimate VIP, pre-show, social gathering for guests to mingle and offer input on future events over all-inclusive appetizers and wine adding greater value to their hard earned dollar. 

Remember, the vision is to experience the artists' creativity and the building of a social community. 

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